Weddings & Fees

Wedding and Performance Fees

Music is a wonderfully enriching ingredient to a wedding. It can lift the mood of a ceremony to something far more spiritual and romantic. The music for your wedding day should reflect your personalities, tastes, and hopes for the future. Most importantly, the two of you should enjoy listening to the music. Ryan Morgan is the ideal choice to make your day magical and memorable.

Ryan has extensive experience singing for a variety of wedding services.  He has performed at Roman Catholic, Church of Ireland and Civil Wedding ceremonies.  He has also sung for mixed denomination weddings, and is happy to incorporate different musical traditions in the service.  No venue is too big or too small, as he has sung in cathedrals to chapels, stadiums to concert halls, and hotels and restaurants. He is also available for other types of church service, including funerals.

Ryan would help you choose the pieces you want for the wedding, and provide support and advice on the musical content of the service. He will certainly accommodate special requests. Ryan also knows a number of high quality instrumentalists, who can provide accompaniment for your service. Furthermore, he is able to adapt his voice to many musical styles, and can easily provide over two hours of lighter songs (e.g. Rat Pack, broadway, jazz, pop) for drinks receptions or dinner functions.


Ryan normally charges €300 to sing at a wedding service based in the Munster region.  This fee includes travel, consultations, sourcing and new sheet music etc.  He is availaible to sing for wedding ceremonies and events throughout the country, however.  This is usually subject to an additional charge for travel.

This fee does not include the cost of an accompanist.  The amount spent on accompanying musicians can vary according to the number, professionalism and experience of the accompanists.  Typically, however, you can expect to pay between €175 to €250 for an experienced and talented accompanist.  Ryan has a long list of excellent quality accompanists which he can call upon for a quote for you.  Alternatively, he is happy to work with an accompanist which you have already selected or booked.

Ryan’s Advice

When selecting the music for a wedding, it can be helpful to bear the following in mind:

  • Religious music should be chosen for church ceremonies, especially a Catholic service. However, outside the parameters of the church service (i.e. the Signing of the Register, processional and recessional) you can usually have whatever music you like.
  • For Civil ceremonies, music or readings with any religious element are not permitted. However religious music is allowed during a blessing or dedication following the ceremony.
  • Pick music that suits the accompanying instruments that have been booked. For instance, some songs sound great accompanied by piano, but not the harp. Musicians can advise on this.
  • Be aware that adding music to the ceremony will increase the ceremony length. Consider the schedule for the day, the congregation and yourselves. The wedding service should be neither too long or too short … but just right! The musicians that have been chosen should be able to advise on the music selected.

View the Church Wedding Music page for more suggestions on suitable music for a Christian wedding ceremony.